Big Bale Buddy

Save your hay. Save your money.


Are you looking for a round bale feeder that will save your hay without breaking the bank? 

 The Big Bale Buddy Round Bale Feeder keeps your hay clean and contained until your horses eat it. It catches all the high nutrition chaff and makes it available for your horses to eat. Why stand by and see your high quality (and expensive) hay used for bedding when there is an inexpensive, easy to use and safe alternative?  



                      UV PROTECTED   

Developed to withstand the harsh northern Canadian weather.  Does not freeze to the ground and stays flexible in extreme cold. Tough, durable, rot and stain resistant, 1500 denier, woven polypropylene with 2 years (1200 hours) of UV protection.

 Special  weave designed  to allow water that gets inside the feeder to seep out while moisture hitting the outside of the Big Bale Buddy Round Bale Feeder will be repelled, keeping your hay drier.

The Big Bale Buddy is hands down the best round bale feeder in the muddy conditions of spring and fall.

 Removes the risk of leg and neck injuries that  can be caused by metal and rigid feeders.                    

 Quickly pays for itself in saved hay. The Big Bale Buddy ensures that almost all your hay gets eaten.

 Saves you money every time you feed! Pays for itself in 6 to 12 uses and keeps on saving you money for years! 

 Feeding large round bales without a feeder can waste up to 1/3 of the bale.

 Lightweight, easy to use, easy to care for and affordable.


safe  round bale hay feeder

 A safe, affordable  alternative to pen type feeders; ideal for feeding large round bales to horses, cattle, llamas, bison, deer and elk. 

round bale hay feeder for cows



"I bought a Big Bale Buddy two weeks ago.  I so wish I had found and purchased one years ago.  My round rolls usually last me 3 – 4 days.  I usually spend about 10 hours cleaning up the waste and burning it per roll.  Well I put out my Bale Buddy and the first day there was a small amount of waste.  Picked up what was clean and put it back in the Bale Buddy.  No waste the next 4 days.  I got 5 days out of my round bale.  That means I am saving over $70 a month on hay.  Also, there was NO cleanup afterwards.  The horses ate all the hay except a little pile of hay dust that I dumped directly in the burn pile (wouldn’t even fill a coffee can).  Just the time savings alone is worth a huge amount to me.  I ordered one Big Bale Buddy.  I will be placing an order this week for two more so all of my fields are nice and tidy. 
I was worried about safety of my horses especially when the hay level was very low.  However, it is totally safe.  One of my horses even so helpfully brought me the empty bag to let me know it needed a new roll.  All 8 of my horses are happy eating out of it and none of them mess with it much.  Thanks for such a simple yet genius product!  I am attaching three photos.  One is 17 hours after putting out the Big Bale Buddy, the next is day 3 (when I would usually be replacing my bale), and the last one is day 5."
Wanda Malphurs


Crystal River, FL
affordable round bale feedereffective round bale feedersafe round bale feeder
The Big Bale Buddy  Round Bale feeder comes in 3 sizes: 
 Small fits Bales up to 4 feet 4 inches in diameter. 
Large fits bale up to 5 feet 2 inches in diameter. 
Extra Large fits bales up to 6 feet in diameter.


( To find the diameter, measure across the flat end of the bale. )


Please make sure you know your bale size before placing your order.




  When not in use, the Big Bale buddy should be shaken clean and then folded/rolled and stored in the convenient storage case provided. If desired, it can be wiped clean with a damp sponge or washed off with a garden hose and hung to dry.  Any wet dirt or manure that sticks to the Big Bale Buddy will simply fall off when it dries or will fall off after a few shakes.




How to use


     Roll or transport your round bale to where you want to feed it. Stand the bale on a flat end. Remove the string or binding. Hook the elastic opening on one side of the top of the bale and then continue around, hooking it over and tugging it down towards the ground until the Big Bale Buddy completely covers the hay bale like a hat. Now flip the round bale over until it is standing on its other end. Pull the elastic opening up and over the edge all the way around. Your round bale is now ready to feed.

    If you use a tractor with forks or a spike the Big Bale Buddy can be put on the bale while it is raised for transport.

   Alternatively you can put the Big Bale Buddy on your round bale before moving it to your feeding site.

    If you are feeding smaller animals or wish to provide more access to the bale, fold down the upper edge of the bag so that the elastic grips the sides of the bale and the upper edge is exposed.

     As the animals eat the hay the bag collapses around it keeping it contained with very minimal wastage. As it nears the end of the bale the animals quickly learn to push the soft folds of polypropylene around with their noses to get the last little bits of hay. When it is empty and ready to re-use, if there is any dirt or manure stuck to it (polypropylene is naturally slippery and repels dirt) pick it up by one edge and give it a few firm shakes to remove.        



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